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Beanie Sigel - Feel It In The Air

The song features "mournful noir" saxophone in the production[1] and contains a sample of "Whole Lotta Something Goin' On" by Raphael Ravenscroft.[2] Lyrically, Beanie Sigel poignantly reflects on his troubled life, rapping about his feelings and paranoia regarding it.[2][3]

Beanie Sigel - Feel It In The Air

There's nothing quite like paranoia. Can you think of a better way to stay on your toes? Beanie Sigel's "Feel It In the Air" offers up lines like "ya handshake ain't matchin' ya smile" and "I can feel something, honestly." Great stuff, I believe you Beanie, something is in the air. Fun fact: soon after this song was released, Beanie Sigel served 366 days in jail for federal weapons charges. Let's read Kyle's review. 041b061a72


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