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[S1E2] Cat's In The Bag...

Danielle suspects that there may be a clue somewhere in the set-up to help her. Walking to the far side of the arrangement of bags, she identifies that they spell out the word 'CAT', and are in the shape of a cat's head. She then realises that there is an arrow pointing at a specific bag. She is pleased with her quick solution, and mentions that she had gone to the toilet before the task, just in case it was a long one, but needn't have. This leads to a discussion in the studio where Nina asks her if she has a UTI, to which Danielle responds that she's never had one, because "I keep it clean and flowing" (thus coining the episode's title). In the studio, Tom Cashman reveals that Danielle had found the cat on her first bag-opening, earning first place in the task.

[S1E2] Cat's in the Bag...



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